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About us

What do we do?

We buy your used mobile phones of all kinds, either in a good or a poor quality and bring them to use again. Either by restoring it so that it could be used by others or by recycling it and extracting reusable parts and materials from it. What remains of the phone is then disposed off in an environmental friendly way.

How do we benefit you?

We benefit you in two ways.

  • Direct benefit: When you sell your used/damaged mobile phones to us, we help you earn handsome money against your mobile phone’s value.
  • Indirect benefit: The damaged mobile phones that you throw away end up in dumps, landfills and incinerators. These mobile phones possess very toxic chemicals, which play vital part in destroying our environment.
    By selling your damaged mobile phones to us, we help you to be on the good side by saving our environment from getting intoxicated.
  • How are we environmental friendly?

    Used mobile phones have metals and other components in them that can be reused. There are phones that can be refurbished and made usable for others. Whereas, the mobile phones that are of poor quality and cannot be used are recycled so that they won’t be able to harm the environment.

    How can you trust us?

    We are not just an environmentally friendly and responsible organization we are also very keen about our customer’s satisfaction. We take our customers and their reviews very seriously and always strive to ensure the fulfilment of our customer’s contentment. However, if there is anything that you think needs clarification or makes you uncomfortable please don’t hesitate to Ask Us.

    How to contact us?

    Let’s protect our environment together! Call us at 0845 4632 196 on our working hours from Monday to Friday. For further correspondence, you can also email us at anytime. You’ll be provided with our ensured services within 24 to 48 hours.


    Customer satisfaction is what drives us at the most. The perception of our customers about us is the most important thing for us and we make sure we earn our customers’ pleasure and contentment. We provide the best possible price to the smart phones in accordance with their market value. It has been proved by the researches that a handset comes with an average shelf life of around twenty four months for a specific customer. After this time span, disposing it off becomes a headache for a mobile phone user. No worries, we are here to solve this issue and make your new purchase easier for you.

    Contact Us

    Contacting Alpha Recycle is easy if you may have any query or question. If you have placed your order, intend to get some additional information or have any reservation, then for sure you may reach us through provided phone numbers for a voice conversation. However, if you want to correspond through email regarding any of your queries, then send us an email at any time. We can assure you that we’ll get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.