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September 19 was a big date for Apple as their new flagship iPhone 6, came to the big stage. Soon enough it went on sale at online stores and retails in most parts of the world. Almost every Apple store was blocked by endless lines of customers hoping to be one of the first to get their hands on the iPhone 5. At the same time, most of them had another important taught on their minds, that is how to sell their old iPhones and during the process not to get ripped off.

It was around then when searches such as “how to sell my iPhone for cash”, “how to sell my iPhone”, and “best website to sell my iPhone” where all over Google. One of the main reasons why people wanted to make money from their old iPhones was because the new iPhone came with a premium price. The obvious solution was to sell the outdated iPhone and by doing so to partly sponsor the buying of its replacement, the iPhone 6.

Replacing the old phone with a new phone is nothing new, nor some unexpected phenomenon. It is something that’s quite often seen every time when a new generation of phones is released. And no, that’s not exclusive only to Apple’s phones and gadgets. It’s pretty common thing with other popular brands as well. Maybe the lines there are not as long as in front of Apple’s stores, but it still is the same buzz and everyone wants to sponsor the buy of their new phone by selling its current one.

The main point is that the release of a new generation phone fires up the market for used phones. In the recent few years that market has grown exponentially. Nowadays, there are plenty of business that want to ride that wave and that are constantly upgrading their services and offers to grab a bigger chunk of that market. As a result, the used iPhones rates are constantly growing. That’s pretty good news if you want to sell your iPhone. However, as with most things in life, there is a small catch. The catch is to identify the companies that pay the best rates for used iPhones. In the lines that follow should help you find the best website to sell your iPhone.


How to prepare your iPhone for sale

The first thing to do before selling an iPhone is to clean all of your personal data stored in it. Otherwise you risk sharing plenty of personal that with someone that you don’t know and that can easily use that for all sorts of purposes.

But, before you erase all of your personal data maybe you would like to save them in the cloud. You can back up your content via iCloud or via iTunes. If you want to go through iCloud you need to tap Settings/iCloud/Backup. In case you are using iOS7 or maybe some older version hit Settings/iCloud/Storage & Backup. For that purpose you need to go to Settings/General/Erase All Content and Settings. Tap Erase iPhone and you are done. If you prefer to do it via iTunes you need to tap Choose File/Devices/ Backup. However, before you do that you need to check if you are using the latest iTunes version. If not, update it to the latest version.

Once you have completed the backup you can go and erase all of the content on your iPhone and not worry that you will lose some of it. All you need to do is tap Settings/General/Erase All Content and Settings. In case you are using iOS7 or some other even earlier version you will be asked to confirm your password.  That’s it. After the process is completed your iPhone will be a same as it came off Foxconn’s assembly line. At least it’s software.



Just because you did a backup on your content and did a factory reset it doesn’t means you have done something that increases your iPhone’s value. There are few things that can be done that can increase the value of a used iPhone.

Make it shine

Simply clean it as best as possible. Grab a microfiber piece of cloth and some commercial cleaning spray and get to work. What you need to remember is to apply the spray on the cloth and not directly on the screen as well as to wipe it gently. After you are done with the cleaning you need to let it dry before you make a final inspection.

Replace your old screen protector with a new one

That is if you had one on your iPhone’s screen. With a minimal investment you can make your screen look perfect, same as the day you bought it. Or, if you don’t want to spend anything just remove the old one and let it be without one. It will still shine as new.

Unlock it

Unlocked iPhones are more worth than locked ones, there is no question about that. The money you will spend on unlocking it will return two or three times more as the value of your iPhone will increase. One way to see that is by looking at the classifieds and comparing the rates for locked and unlocked used iPhones.


Find all of its accessories along with its original packing box (if you still have it)and sell all together. People appreciate when they see everything all together. It sends a positive signal that you have been taking care of your iPhone and that it is in a good condition, meaning you can ask for the highest possible rates.


When it comes to any type of technology there is only one simple rule, the sooner the better. That’s all that matters. With every passed day it value will decline, regardless that it is made by premium manufacturer such as Apple.

However, the best possible time is prior to the release of a new generation of iPhones. The thing is that once a new phone is released the old one becomes outdated and its value is almost by default lower. It is how the market reacts to that and that never changes.


Highlight the fact that you are the first and only owner of the iPhone

No one wants to buy iPhone that has been passed by an unknown number of owners. This matters a lot to most people. If you can support that with some papers the better.


Explain in detail the condition of your iPhone

Whether you will sell it to an individual or to a company you need to make sure that you explain in full your iPhone’s condition. No one likes discovering things that you from some reason forgot to mention. That way the person that wants to buy your iPhone or the person that inspects might think that there is more that you been holding back.

Very often that will make them either lower their initial offer or in some cases to completely withdraw it. In any case it is you who loses. The lesson here is pretty simple, be as honest as possible.



The worth of used iPhone is determined by multiple factors, each bringing something different to the equation. Aside the most obvious one, to which generation it belongs, there are few other such as the condition of its battery, the condition of its speaker and microphone, the condition of its buttons, the condition of its screen, and so on. Because of that you need to inspect your iPhone on your own. That is the first step towards learning the true value of your iPhone. Once you get the big picture about its overall condition you can proceed and check your used iPhone value.

The easiest and fastest way to check for used iPhone value is online. Recycle companies, such as AlphaRecycle, have websites that give free quotes for used iPhones. All you need to do is to go to DR. Gadget s website where you can get a free estimate how much your used iPhone is worth. Even though that AlphaRecycle is a relatively new company, established in 2012, it is one of the most renowned ones when it comes to recycle companies that buy used gadgets. There are other recycling companies in UK that will give you an instant quote too, but it seems that most Brits favour AlphaRecycle.

Also, you can check the classifieds or with retailers such as Amazon and eBay, and see how much you can get if you sell your iPhone there. But, do know that those companies don’t pay the same day as DR. Gadget does. Also, their procedures can be quite lengthy and Amazon doesn’t give cash, but vouchers that you can only use buying from their stores.

Last, but not least there are comparison websites from where you can learn the rates of some of the biggest recycle companies on the market. These websites are easy to use, and more importantly free of charge. All they ask is you to choose the model of your iPhone, its condition, and they will show you current rates from a number of UK recycling companies. They won’t obligate you to choose a service or suggest anything like that. You can go with a service of your own choosing.



Used Iphone

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There is a great deal of websites that buy used iPhones in UK. However, not all offer the same terms as some only want to get your iPhone for the lowest possible rates. The good news is that there are some that stand out from the pack and that give pretty good deal.

Most of the websites where you can sell your iPhone belong to recycle companies. The overall impression is that this is a young branch of the recycling industry and that it hasn’t reached its peak. Because of that we see more and more new companies that enter this line if business.  Here is an overview on some of the best websites to sell your used iPhone. Some of the presented companies are well established, while others are just trying to make their name in this industry.


Apple’s Recycle and Reuse Program Review

Apple’s Recycle and Reuse is where one could sell an iPhone and make some cash of it. Apple’s recycling is done by Debaser. Once you tell them about your device they will estimate its market value and will send you a pre-paid shipping label. Once you pack your device you need to send it for verification. Upon receiving some of their technicians will inspect your iPhone and verify that it is in the condition as described. If all is it supposed to be, than they will transfer the agreed amount of money on your bank account.


You can apply online or take your iPhone in nearest Apple store and in both times their procedures are easy to follow and understand.


Their quotes are not as high as expected

They will take your iPhones regardless of its condition


AlphaRecycle Review

This is an international recycle and reuse company that accepts iPhones and other gadgets. They offer instant quotes and free shipping. First you need to go to their website where you will be asked a series of question about your iPhone. After you are done with the questions they will give you a quote. If you like the quote you pack and send your iPhone to the designated address. Once they receive the device some of their employees will inspect it and verify its condition. Once they verify that they will pay you via check or via PayPal.


You can get an estimate in just minutes.

Their website offers easy to follow instructions

Their rates are really good. 


This is international company so the entire procedure, from mailing to payment, can be little bit difficult.


O2 Recycle Program Review

O2 is one of the biggest carriers in the UK and it has its own recycle program that deals with used iPhones. Their websites is pretty clear and easy to use and their overall service is pretty decent as well as their rates. If you ask them they will send you a bag or box where you can place your iPhone and send it to them. The entire process from sending your iPhone to payment can take up to couple of days. Most of their reviews are positive.


Easy to use website

Competitive rates


The process can take up to five or more days

You have to pay for the postage


AlphaRecycle Review

This is one of the newest and at the same time one of the most successful recycles companies in UK. Their procedures are pretty much the same as Apple’s . The instructions on their website are easy to follow and they give quotes almost instantly. From what can be seen it seems that they are growing with a fast pace as more and more people in UK decide to use their services.

The fact that they are UK based gives them edge over their biggest competitors Gazelle and Apple’s recycle and reuse program. Their combination of great customer’s support, easy to follow procedures and top rates seems to be the combination that wins the hearts and minds in everyone in the UK. As a result of that they are one of the fastest growing companies in the region.



The future of phone recycling is in the hands of companies such as AlphaRecycle, and others similar to them. They understand the true value of used technology and that they can give perfect service while at the same time profit of that. Their business models seem to be working and produce excellent results.

Aside, the economic part and profitability they bring something else, which according to many is even more important – cleaner and healthier environment. Gadgets and other technology create something that is simply known as e-waste. E-waste is a big issue all over the world, not just in UK. However, recycle companies seem to be in the front line of this issue and it looks like they are winning the war against it.

Another important thing is that most people seem to be aware of that fact and because of that regularly choose recycle companies for selling their iPhones and other gadgets. The main point is that the recycle & reuse philosophy that these companies rely on is working and that not that is profitable, but it is doing a massive favour to the environment. Also, many experts suggest that this industry is still growing and that in near future we will see even more companies and that in just years this will be one of the most competitive industries in the word.