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iPhone 6 Selling Guide (where to sell and how to sell iPhone 6 in exchange of cash)


Make no mistakes about it! You can now sell your iPhone 6 in real exchange for cash. There’s no point worrying about your old iPhone anymore. You don’t have to destroy it permanently. You shouldn’t even think of throwing it away for any reason. You can sell the device and make cool cash out of it. You simply need to discover the right steps to take. Here’s the best selling guide you can use any time you desire to sell your iPhone. Just pay attention!


Locate a mobile phone recycling resource

Recycling Resource


This is indeed the very first step you need to take. You have to locate a reliable mobile phone recycling company that offers real cash for used and old iPhones. I’m glad to let you know about This firm has been in the business of recycling old mobile devices for many years now. It’s indeed a renowned mobile recycling company operating in the UK. The company specializes in buying old and fairly used phones from individuals. If you’re tired of using your iPhone 6 and you desire to sell it off, you simply need to visit the company.

At AlpharRecycle, there are simple steps you need to take whenever you desire to sell your iPhone. Let’s take out at them:


Basic Steps to take

Basic Steps

Step 1 - Sign up with

You need to sign up with AlphaRecycle right away. You simply need to visit the link and fill in the appropriate details. You need to include your exact personal details including your email, phone number and address. Such details are required for easy communication with the company. You have to follow the onscreen instruction when signing up.  Once you account is duly registered, you might need to activate it before carrying out any other process.  You might need to check your email in order to carry out the necessary activation process.


Step 2 – Search Your iPhone Model

After registering with AlphaRecycle, you can go ahead to search for the exact model of your iPhone. You simply need to key in the model and every other detail. You’ll see the result in a jiffy. You have to register your iPhone in order to see its worth after the search process.


Step 3 – Select Payment Gateway

AlphaRecycle offers different kinds of payment gateways for customers. You have the freedom to select the best payment solution that will suit your person. You have to make sure you make the right selection on time. You’ll only be paid through the payment gateway you select.


Step 4 – Package Your iPhone 6

You need to package the iPhone 6 you wish to sell properly. You can request for free sales pack from AlphaRecycle at any time. The pack will be delivered to your doorstep without any fee. You simply need to use it to pack your iPhone before sending it across to the company. You can also prepare your custom pack as you wish. You must make sure the iPhone is neatly packaged. You have to address it to AlpharRecycle at the end.

 Step 5 – Post the iPhone

After packaging the iPhone, you can go ahead to post it to AlpharRecycle. You don’t need to worry about the posting process. In most cases, the company receives the package within few hours.  The sending process may also take a day or more depending on your location and the posting service you’re using. To be on a safe side, it’s important you use popular postal agencies known for delivering quality service.


Step 6 – Get Paid

This is the final step of the selling process. Once you iPhone is received by the company, the officials will check its worth. You might be called on phone for the negotiation. At the end it all, you’re sure of getting paid through the payment gateway of your choice.


iPhone Sending Alternative

Iphone Alternavies

Aside from packaging your iPhone and sending it to AlphaRecycle, you can still use another better alternative.  The company has well trained officials who go from one location to the other in search of customers. They can easily pick up your iPhone from your doorstep. All you need is to give them the correct address. In any case, this kind of service is only meant for individuals who are within reachable locations. If you’re living very far from the company, you can only be allowed to package the iPhone in the sales pack and send it to the company’s postal address.  Whichever option you use, you can be sure of getting paid at the end of the day. You don’t need to worry about your payment.  


How much will I get for selling my iPhone 6?

The worth of your iPhone 6 largely depends on its present condition. If you’re having an older model of iPhone 6 which is no longer in use, you might get a lesser payment for it. If the device is completely damaged, you will still get paid. The company officials will let you know the exact amount you’ll receive. If you iPhone is fairly used, you’re sure of getting a better pay for it.  In the same vein, you’ll get a higher pay if the iPhone 6 is still a recent model. 

In any case, you should always bear in mind that you’ll get paid despite the condition of your iPhone. You don’t need to throw away the old iPhone. AlpharRecycle is always ready to give you real cash in exchange for it. Just make the right contact on time!


Why sell iPhone to AlpharRecycle?

Indeed, there are other companies that offer mobile phone recycling services out there. However, AlpharRecycle is the best among them. This is because; the company has been in the business for many years. Thousands of iPhone users have continued to earn enough cash by selling off their devices. You can check out the positive reviews published by many of the customers online.

Again, AlpharRecycle is a top choice because of the speedy payment process it offers. Once your iPhone 6 is received and checked, you’ll get paid the same hour. You will not be asked to wait till tomorrow. The company has enough cash to settle hundreds of customers in one slot. You can always rely on their services.

Furthermore, AlpharRecycle accepts all manner of iPhones as well as other mobile devices. You can sell off any brand and model of phone. You don’t need to consider the condition of the phone before selling it. The company specializes in recycling old mobile phones on regular basis. You can always count on their services.

Moreover, AlpharRecycle is known for offering excellent customer support service. You can reach the company at any time. You can call the toll free number at any time. You can also contact them through your mobile device. You can equally send them an email. You can be sure of getting speedy response once your message is received. You can request for special home service at any time. The company has well trained officials that go from house to house. You can sell off your iPhone at any time and also get paid the same day.


Why sell your iPhone 6 

Having known the process of selling your iPhone 6, you might be wondering about the reasons that may force you to sell the device.  There are countless number of reasons that may prompt to sell off your iPhone.  In the first place, the device might no longer be serving your needs. You might decide to do away with it. Secondly, the iPhone may be giving you all manner of troubles. It may be having battery life issues, network reception problems, app installation issues, and a host of other problems. Once your iPhone starts having such problems, you don’t need to keep using it anymore. You don’t even need to get it repaired. In most cases, you may end up spending lots of cash just to repair the iPhone. You may also give yourself headache.  The best option you should rather take is to sell of the device. This is exactly where AlphaRecycle comes in. You can sell off your iPhone at any time and also get paid for it the same day.



You don’t need to worry about using that your old iPhone anymore. AlpharRecycle is here to help you out. You don’t need to run from pillar to post. Your old iPhone can be recycled for good. We’ve got what it takes to recycle iPhones. You simply need to get in touch with us. You can make lots of cash by selling iPhone from time to time. We’ve paid hundreds of customers. We’ll continue to pay on daily basis. Why not get in touch with us today? We’re here to give you the best of services! Just make sure you keep visiting We’re here to meet you at the point of your needs! Get connected today!