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Friend! There’s no need to worry anymore when you no longer need the services of your Sell iPhone 5! If the mobile device is old or damaged, there’s no need to throw it away! You can make some cash out of it. You can as well decide to sell your fairly used Sell iPhone 5 for one reason or the other. You may be thinking of purchasing a brand new iPhone with the latest features. You’ve got to sell off the old phone for real cash! AlphaRecycle is right here to help out! Just search on google sell my iphone 5 16 gb You’ve got to make the right move.
Why link up AlphaRecycle?
AlphaRecycle is a reliable company that is taking the bulls by the horns in the field of Mobile Phone Recycling across the UK. You can easily sell your old or damaged iPhone 5 to the firm and get paid the same day! There’s no point stressing your brain about this. The company has been in the business for many years. Thousands of iPhone users have continued to make lots of money by selling off their old mobile devices to the firm. You too can join the band! Instead of throwing of your old iPhone, you can easily make some money by selling it off to the company! You’ve got to discover the right steps to take.
The Process of selling iPhone 5
Selling your iPhone 5 is not a herculean task! The process is quite simple and fast. Here are the necessary steps you need to take:
  • Get your iPhone 5 ready. Just make sure you pack it properly. You can still use the old pack that come with the form. If you don’t have the pack anymore, you can still improvise. You can as well request our free pack and have it delivered to your doorsteps.


  • Register at our website You simply need to supply your personal details when prompted.


  • Go ahead to search for the exact model of your iPhone 5 on our website. This will help you discover the worth of the mobile device and what you stand to gain by selling it off.


  • Make sure you choose a suitable payment method that will help you get paid. You’ll be prompted to key in some necessary details. We’ll require your location address and other personal details.


  • Go ahead and post the iPhone 5 to us. You can use your own labels or get a free sales pack from us.


  • Make sure you get proper confirmation as you post the device to us. We may get it within few days depending on the postal system you’re using.


  • Get paid once we receive the device.


That’s it! The process is very easy to follow. If you’re confused about any of the steps, you can easily make further inquiries by contacting our officials.
Determining the Cash Value of Your sell iPhone 5
You might be wondering how much you would get when you sell your iPhone 5 here at AlphaRecycle. You don’t need to think so much about this! We pay handsome amount for mobile devices received in good conditions. We also pay real cash for damaged and useless phones. However, the present condition of your mobile phone determines the amount of cash you’ll receive. If your iPhone 5 is still in perfect condition, you can be sure of getting a higher pay! You might even get an amount that will be close to the original price you purchased the device. In the same vein, you’ll still receive some cash if the mobile device is badly damaged. We’re here to meet the demands of all customers. Just make sure you get in touch with our officials.
The Value of Damaged iPhone 5
Everything in life has value! You might be looking down on your damaged iPhone 5. You don’t need to encourage electronic waste by throwing it away! The damaged device still has a cash value. Aside from cash, it can still be recycled and also used in producing a brand new product. This is exactly where AlphaRecycle comes in. We engage in steady recycling of iPhone 5 and indeed all mobile devices. We gather the phones and recycle them through a very unique process. At the end of the day, we generate awesome products from the entire process. You might even end up purchasing any of the new products. Hence, there’s no need to worry about your old or damaged iPhone. You don’t even need to repair it! We can pay you handsome cash for it. You’ll then make up the money and purchase yourself a brand new iPhone.
Why must you sell your iPhone 5?
You don’t just wake up one morning and start selling your iPhone 5. There must be a reason for taking such a decision. The mobile device might be damaged! It’s very common to experience some problems that can lead to the damage of your iPhone 5. The device may fall into water. It can also develop specific problems. You might experience blurred screen, poor network reception, SIM Card failure, Poor battery life, and other related issues. Older versions of iPhone 5 and even some of the new models are known for having such issues. You don’t need to panic when your iPhone 5 starts malfunctioning. You don’t even need to repair it especially when the problems are overwhelming. The best thing you can do is to sell it off. You can be sure of making cool cash by taking such a decision. We’re here to make it happen for you.


Again, you can be sure of enjoying peace of mind when you sell off your old or damaged iPhone 5. You wouldn’t bother about experiencing the phone problems anymore. You can save your energy by selling it off. You’ll also save lots of time in the process.


Furthermore, you can generate extra cash to purchase a brand new iPhone when you sell off the old or damaged one. These days, the mobile phone industry is booming. There are cutting-edge iPhones flooding the market. You can check them out online. Most of them come with exciting features and network capacities. You can buy yourself a brand new iPhone as soon as you sell off the old one. All you need is to make up the cash after getting paid for the old device.
More benefits of selling iPhone 5
There are extra benefits that still come with selling your iPhone 5. In the first place, you’ll be helping our environment a great deal. When people litter damaged mobile devices and other gadgets on the roads, the environment suffers. The same condition occurs when such devices are dropped at the refuse heap. They can easily lead to incessant environmental degradation. If the trend is not checked, the environment will definitely suffer for it.


Again, electronic waste can be reduced to the barest minimum when damaged mobile devices are cleared off the streets. AlphaRecycle is currently taking the lead in fighting electronic waste by paying people real cash for their old mobile devices. When you sell off your damaged iPhone 5, you’re actually joining the fight against electronic waste!
Getting the Best from AlphaRecycle
There’s a lot to gain when you sell your iPhone 5 at AlphaRecycle. Aside from the actual cash you’ll get instantly, you’ll always be sure of enjoying the excellent services the company is offering. The speed of transaction is quite tremendous! We don’t waste time in paying customers once we secure the mobile phones in good terms. Our website is always up and running 24/7. You can reach our officials through the toll-free number made available. You can also reach us on your mobile phones. Our customer care representatives are always ready to respond to clients. You simply need to hook up.


Aside from iPhone 5, you can still sell off other brands and models of mobile phones. We don’t select mobile devices here. We are only interested in getting them recycled. You don’t need to keep waiting any longer. You can search your drawers and bring out those old mobile phones. We can pay you reasonable amount of cash for them. Just make sure you contact us as quick as possible. You don’t even need to bother about sending the phones to us. We can still pick them up at your location. We’ve got a special mobile team that handles that aspect. One of our officials can pick the phones at your doorstep. This is usually the case for customers who reside within the area of our operation. If your location is very far, you don’t need to worry. You can always post the mobile phones to us. We provide free sales pack to everyone. Once we receive the phones, we’ll take few minutes to ascertain their conditions. At the end of it all, you can be sure of getting paid the same day.
The era of Mobile Phone Recycling is right here! You’ve got to make the right move. Sell Your old or damaged iPhone5 for some cash! AlphaRecycle is here to put smiles of your face. You can sell off the mobile device and get your money the same day! You’ve got to start making the right contact now!