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Sell My Used Iphone


Friend! You don’t need to throw away that your old phone because of one reason or the other. Perhaps, you’ve used the iPhone for several years. You might decide to go for a change. You don’t need to abandon the used mobile device. You can still make some cash out of it. You might be wondering how? Sure, you can discover the details as you keep reading this write up.


Making Real Cash from Selling Used iPhone

It’s quite possible to make some cash out of your used phone. All you need is to discover the right steps to take. You first step is to discover a company that buys used iphones from people. I’m glad to let you know about AlphaRecycle. This great company has been in the business of buying all models of used iPhones from individuals across the UK and even beyond. You can sell your iphone for real cash when you visit the company.


Get to know more about AlphaRecycle

My Phone

Here at AlphaRecycle, we focus on buying different modes of used iPhone from people. If you have an iPhone to sell off, you simply need to hook up with us. Our company has been in the phone business for years. You don’t have to entertain any fear when you do business with us. All over the UK, we’re taking the lead when it comes to buying used iPhones. We’re always ready to pay everyone real cash for selling their iPhones. You don’t need to miss out from our services. We’re always here to attend to your needs.

Here at AlphaRecycle, we believe is communicating with our clients. We offer 24/7 customer support service to all our clients. You can reach us through email. You can also reach us through live chat. You can as well call our toll free number.


The Process of Selling a Used iPhone

You don’t need to stress your brain just to sell off your used iPhone. AlphaRecycle has made the selling process very easy. You have to start by creating a viable account at There’s no big deal about this. All you need is to fill up the onscreen form that will pop out. You have to key in your personal details, office or home address, email address, phone number, and other required details. You don’t need to worry about losing your personal data. We use the latest encryption technology in protecting our clients’ data.

Once you’re through with the registration process, you can go ahead to search for your iPhone model and type. All you need is to follow the simple onscreen instruction. You have to key in the brand and model of the iPhone. You should also hit the ‘submit’ button at the end. The result will be displayed in a second. You’ll then discover the worth of your iphone. This will prompt you to take the necessary action.

It’s important you choose the best payment system which will be used in sending your payment. This is very vital. You don’t have to make any mistakes. You can still change your payment gateway when necessary.


Sending Your Phone to AlphaRecycle

You’re expected to package your used iPhone neatly before sending it to AlphaRecycle. There are unique options at your beck and call. You can request for our custom sales pack. We can make it available at your door step. You can arrange a personally designed pack for the mobile phone. What is more important is to send the device to us on time. You can use the free postal services made available. You can also decide to send the phone directly from your own purse.


Better Sending Option

There’s a better way of sending your iPhone to AlphaRecycle. If you’re residing within the coverage area of our company, you don’t have to post your iPhone to us. We can pick it up at your office or home. All you need is to alert us on time. We need to have your home or office address. You can also give us the best direction on how to locate the area. We’ve got well trained officials who move from place to place in search of individuals that may want to sell off their iPhone. You can reach our officials on phone. You can request for special home pickup service. We’re always here to attend to your needs.


Getting Paid

Once your iPhone is received by official, we have to check its worth with our standards. If the device is still working perfectly, we’ll pay you a handsome amount. If it’s fairly used or old, we’ll also pay you. The amount of cash you’ll receive depends on the present condition of the device. One thing is sure! You must be paid at all cost. We’ll negotiate the cash value of your iPhone before you get the payment.

Meanwhile, it’s important you know that we don’t waste time in paying for the iPhones. You can receive your payment the same day you send the iPhone. You don’t have to come back tomorrow for your payment. We process payment within few minutes.


What if my iPhone is dead or damaged?


If you’re iPhone is completely dead, you can still make some cash out of it. We buy both used and dead iPhones. We also buy damaged iPhones. Perhaps, the screen part of your device is broken. You don’t need to worry about this. We can pay you real cash for it. You don’t need to think of spending huge cash to repair the device. You don’t have to flash it or spend hours with the phone repairer. The best thing you can do is to sell it off. You’ll get enough cash out of the sale. You can then go ahead and buy yourself a brand new iPhone.


Benefits of Selling iPhone to AlphaRecycle

There’s a lot you stand to gain when you sell your iPhone to AlphaRecycle. In the first place, you can be sure of easing off the trouble of having an old phone around you. There’s no point pilling old iPhones in your drawers or on your desk. You don’t even need to throw them away. We’re here to pay you real cash for the mobile devices.

Secondly, you can be sure of getting paid at the same time. AlphaRecycle doesn’t waste time in paying customers. Once your iPhone is received, we’ll check its worth and also pay you at the same time.

Thirdly, you’ll be helping to keep our environment clean when you sell off your old iPhone. These days, electronic waste is causing untold problems around the globe. People litter all manner of electronic gadgets and mobile devices on the stress. You can see some parts of mobile phones as you walk through dirty streets. Some people even litter them on the high ways. When you sell of your old or damaged iPhone to us, you’ll be making our environment safer and secure.

Moreover, there’s always the room of making extra cash when you sell your iPhone to AlphaRecycle. If you’re able to connect your friends and well-wishers to us, you’re sure of making some cash in the process. We’ll pay you extra cash for bringing more clients to us. You don’t have anything to lose. We’re always here to attend to your needs.


How often can I sell iPhone to AlphaRecycle?

You can be selling iPhone to AlphaRecycle as you wish. There’s no limit provided you’ve got the iphones to sell. You can encourage other people to sell off their old Iphones. You can be doing this from time to time. We’re always on ground to accept iPhones. Our customer support desk is always up and running. You can link up with us as you desire.


Selling other mobile devices

Other Devices

Aside from selling iPhones, you can still sell other brands of mobile devices. You can sell them at any time and also receive your payment with ease. We don’t select phones right here. We accept all manner of phones despite their conditions. We have a way of recycling the old and damaged phones. We take pride in making our customers happy. You can always count on our services. There’s no need to keep waiting anymore. You can start sending those old phones that litter your desk and drawer today. You can package them in their old packs if you still have them. You can as well package them neatly with an improvised pack. You can equally request a custom sales pack from AlphaRecycle. We’ve got them here in large quantities.



Selling an iPhone is no longer a big task. AlphaRecycle is always here to assist you. We’ve got what it takes to recycle old or used iPhones. You can get in touch with our customer care representatives. You can make further inquiries. You can ask your questions at any time. You’re sure to get the right answer. We’re always up and running. We have continued to render unique services to our clients. You’ve got to join the bandwagon. Get set to make real cash as you sell of that your old phone.