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                            Iphone 5

Finally, almost a month ago Apple released its new flagship – iPhone 6. At the same time hundreds of thousands of people wanted to own it no matter what. Most of those people are hardcore Apple fans that already own iPhone 5. Considering the price of the new iPhone 6, most of them seem to have only on thought on their mind – how to sell my iPhone 5.  That’s not that hard as there is an ongoing demand for iPhone 5 as it still is an amazing piece of technology that is still not outdated as some people think.  In any case, if you are one of the people that want to know how to sell my iPhone for cash you are on the right place. Here are some of the most important tips on how to prepare, how to check used iPhone’s 5 value and where to sell iPhone 5.

The following tutorial on selling an iPhone 5 is divided into three major categories:

-          How to prepare your iPhone 5 for sale

-          How to check used iPhone 5 value

-          Where to sell iPhone

Each category has several sub-categories that serve to help you better understand the market as well as how to position yourself.



Anyone knows that looks sells. That same unwritten rule goes for iPhone 5 as well. What you need to do is to make sure that your iPhone 5 shines as best as possible. You may not be able to bring it to the condition as the day you bought it, but you can come pretty close to it. That is if you kept it in protective case and haven’t dropped it too many times.

Erase All Personal Data

This means creating a backup on iCloud or iTunes and press factory restart. That way you will return the software to its original state as the day you bought it. Once you complete the process there won’t be any of your apps, pictures, videos or any of your content.

Inspect its condition

This means a detail check of everything on your iPhone: screen, buttons, case, ports. That way you will know what can be fixed and what not. Also, when asked you will be able to explain in detail the overall condition of your iPhone 5.  This is important, because whether you are selling your phone to a company or a person, it’s important to be honest about its true condition. Failing to do so can result with dispute.


Locate all of its accessories

This is also very important when you want to sell used iPhone. People see it as a sign that you have been taking care of your iPhone and that it is in condition. The more accessories you include the higher it price can be.

Also, you can try and find its box. That too is appreciated by people and that sends a pretty good signal to potential buyers.

Finally, it’s not a bad idea if you find your old iPhone warranty paper and include it in the package. That too is appreciated it because of one simple reason – it’s prove that you are selling a genuine iPhone 5, not some cheap Chinese copy. Nowadays, there are as many copies as there are iPhones and you cannot distinguish them visually. A warranty paper can easily resolve that dilemma.


Physically clean it

It goes without saying that the better your gadget looks the more money you can ask about it. Physically cleaning it is a must step if you want to make top money from your iPhone 5.

All you need is a commercial cleaning spray and microfiber cloth. Apply some of the spray on cloth and gently wipe its surface. That will take not more than several minutes. Once you are done you need to let it dry out. Afterwards you need to double check it and see if you have missed a spot or not.


Replace the Screen Protector

Even though it is no big deal to replace an old screen protector with a new one that too is one of the things that is largely appreciated from people that buy used phones.Plus, it won’t cost you much.


Photo Session

Once the iPhone is cleaned and shiny you need to make few high resolution photos. Find a good camera, put your iPhone 5 on some clean and nice surface, and make the best possible photos. Again, the better the photos the more likely that you will get your asking price.


Make a Short Video

Making a short video and uploading it on services such as YouTube or Vimeo can be also easily achieved. In just two or three minutes you can describe and present your gadget in details. 


Unlock it your iphone 5 to sell on

Unlocked phones are sold for higher price than locked ones and that’s pretty much a rock solid fact. Find a service and pay them to unlock it for you. That little money you will spend on unlocking the phone will return at least twice after you sell it.



There are several ways to check the value of your used iPhone 5. Here are some of the best and most effective tactics that you can use to check the value of this gadget.  You can check your iphone value on uk’s best mobile phone recycling website.



This is no brainer, simply gather up a bunch of newspapers and magazines, and see the value of used iPhone 5. However, you need to search for iPhones that are in similar condition as yours. If you are not into newspapers and magazines you can browse online classifieds and see for how much they sell there.  In any case you should be able to get an idea on how much you can earn for your used iPhone.

Also, the classifieds are full of ads of people that buy used gadgets, iPhones included. You can contact some of those buyers and ask how much they are willing to pay. However, most of those people are resellers and you can’t expect a reasonable price. They will give you an offer, will do their best to convince you to sell your phone to them, they will even try to manipulate you with some twisted statistical data, but its recommendable not to sell and check for other options.


Used Technology Shops

Nowadays, there are plenty of places that sell used technology, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, PC’s and so on. Simply visit few of them and see yourself for how much they sell used iPhone 5 as well as their overall condition. You can even show them your iPhone and ask how much they are willing to pay for it. There is a pretty good chance that they will make you an offer. On the other hand, don’t expect some incredible offer, or a price close to the one they give to their customers. But, it is good for checking the value of your used iPhone 5 as well as the overall demand for it.


Ask Around

When it comes to smartphones iPhone is the most common brand associated with it. The simple fact is that if not everyone, large percentage of the population knows the brand, have heard of it or it uses it. The chances are pretty big that some of your friends know a thing or two about used iPhones and what’s their current price. The point is that there is no shortage of Apple fans, especially in a country as UK. 


Recycle Websites

Some people know them as iPhone buying websites, but in fact they are recycling websites. Lately their popularity has skyrocketed as they started to pay good rates for used iPhones as well as to complete deals in a day or two tops. What that means is you can sell your iPhone 5 and get paid in a day. They have built an efficient system that attracts many people to sell their gadgets to them.

In terms of checking used iPhone 5 value, all you need to do is to find one of those companies on the internet. They can be easily tracked via any of the major search engines such as Google. Simply type “iPhone buying websites” or “check used iPhone value” and you should come across few.

Next you need to find their section that enables you to check where you can check the value of your gadget. The section will be on their front page and that the entire process is pretty easy and straightforward. Just follow the given instructions and they will give you a honest estimate for your iPhone 5 or whatever gadget you might be selling.



Before dipping into where to sell your iPhone 5 you need to know what’s the best time to sell your iPhone 5.

As everything in life, timing is everything. The best time to sell your iPhone is prior to the release of a new model. However, considering that the new iPhone has been already release that ship has sailed almost a month ago. As a result of that iPhone 5 rates have declined. The only thing that you can do is to make the most of the current situation. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a demand for this model, but that just its current rate is not as month ago. The point is the longer you wait the more it value will decline and you need to act fast if you want to sell it for the best possible rate. However, fast doesn’t mean rushing into a speedy sale. First you need to know your options and what is what and where you can get the best possible value.


Social Networks

Nowadays, it seems that everyone is either on Facebook or on Twitter, and by any means they use them on a daily base for hours and hours. All you need to do is to write a post saying I sell my iPhone for cash and ask for shares and retweets to Facebook and Twitter respectively. The chances are good that someone from your friends or your friend’s friends to be interested in buying an iPhone 5. It is a tactic that has proven to work.



You can post an ad and wait to see if someone calls. Whether it is an online or magazine ad there is a pretty good chance that many people will see the ad and people will be interested. But, than again you will get calls from all sorts of people and it might be bit annoying to be bothered all day long from people you don’t know and that are just looking for a bargain. Sometimes, even after you sell your gadget. Therefore, many people don’t even bother placing an ad and instead look for other alternatives.


Amazon’s Trade-in Program

If you want to sell your iPhone for cash forget about selling to Amazon. Amazon’s trade program offers trade in, meaning you get a voucher to buy something from their online store. Therefore, if you need something to buy from Amazon this might be an option. But at the end of the day if you need real cash, Amazon is not for you. Plus, their rates are not as generous as on other places.


Apple’s Reuse and Recycle Program

If you want to go with this program first you need to visit Apple’s Reuse and Recycling Program and answer several questions so they can make an estimate and give you an offer. Afterwards you need to send your iPhone to a company called Dataserv for further evaluation. Dataserv is Apple’s recycling partner. Once they make a thorough check of your iPhone 5 they will wire the money to your bank account.  The downside is that the entire procedure can take more than a day or two and their rates are not competitive with the rates of some of the best recycling companies.


Sell it to a Telecommunication Company

Most telecommunication companies will be more than happy to see you bringing them your iPhone 5. However, that doesn’t mean you will get the best possible deal. And they won’t give you any cash for it. Instead they will offer you credit or to trade it for another of their phones. If they have the new iPhone 6, that might turn well. Butagain, don’t expect to get the best possible deal as they rarely are generous. The positive thing is that there is no lengthy procedure and you can do it in some of their stores. Simply walk in and talk to their people.


Sell it on eBay

This too is a viable option and you might easily get a descent offer. However, there isn’t a guarantee that you will get your asking price. Plus, eBay too has a trade in program similar to Amazon’s. Again, through the trade in program you can get only a voucher you can only spend it there and on cash. Therefore, if you need cash this is not your best option.



                            Recycle iPhoe 5

Recycle companies are the new black, when it comes to making money from used gadgets. Since the day they started operating their popularity is constantly raising. There are more reasons behind that growth. The most notable ones are their rates and their efficiency. They don’t have lengthy procedures that will leave you waiting for days and days. And as said earlier they offer real cash for every gadget you want to sell. On top if it they are not picky, they will give you an offer no matter how damaged your gadget is. All they ask is for the people that send their gadgets to be honest when asked to describe them. That’s their biggest and most important requirement.

First you need to track one or few on the internet. If you are not familiar with one, simply open any search engine and type “sell my iPhone 5 for cash” or “sell my iPhone 5 to a recycle company”. Once you do that you will be able to choose from a big list as there are plenty of such companies.

Next step is filling out their online form and describe the condition of your iPhone 5. If it is in a really good condition you can expect a really good offer, often an offer that can be rarely matched by anyone else. In any case, if you are satisfied with their offer they will ask you to send your iPhone 5 to their recycle center. Once you put it in a box and send them to them they will take over. After they receive it, some of their technicians will make one final inspection and will tell if the iPhone is in the condition as you said it would be. If everything is in order they will deposit the agreed amount to your bank account. And the best part is that the entire procedure doesn’t take more than two days. That is if you don’t send the package in Friday and you get caught by the weekend and in that case you will need for the weekend to end.

Another reason why recycle companies are so popular is because they make sure that every part of what they take is recycled and that doesn’t end up on some open dump site. Sometimes they try to fix and resell some gadgets. However, when it is not possible to bring them back to life they strip them for parts. If some parts cannot be used they simply recycle them. Most people don’t know that each iPhone hides precious metals such as platinum, gold and silver, plus some copper and aluminum which are quite expensive too. Recycle companies have a way of safely extracting them without influencing the environment.



According to official data AlphaRecycle is considered to be one of the best mobile recycle companies in UK. Even though that just started to work recently, in 2012, they have managed to climb to the very top and build a trusted brand as one of the most renowned recycling companies. Their potent growth is fueled by several factors:

-          The pay top money for used technology.

-          They are very efficient. Reportedly, they often manage to pay their clients in less than 24 hours after the client accepts their offer. Most of the recycle companies can’t that.

-          They will buy your gadget no matter in which condition is in, in working condition or otherwise.

-          They protect the environment from e-waste.

All in all it is a very efficient service that is ready to pay good money for your iPhone 5. And yes, there are hundreds if not more genuine user reviews that support that claim. The fact that they are constantly growing also says a lot about the quality of their services.