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                                    Samsung Galaxy

The following tutorial is a compilation of tips and tricks that will help you sell your Samsung Galaxy for the best possible rates.

Timing to sell Samsung Galaxy s5

Timing is one of the most important things to consider when trying making some money from used smartphone, Samsung galaxy included. The formula is quite dimple, the sooner you sell it the better. Of course that doesn’t mean rushing into the first offer that comes your way, but not postponing the sale to eternity and knowing when, how and to whom to sell it in order to get the best possible deal. Also, it is essential to sell it before the release of a new model. Some even go that far and recommend selling it even before the rumours of a new model come out. The thing is that everyone likes new staff and just by hearing about it they start turning to it and forget about the one that is still sitting on the throne. In a way people lose interest, the demand is decreased and with that the rate.

The lesson here is quite simple, if you are one of those people that all they want is the new staff than you need to get rid of the old one as soon as you hear that something new is on way. If you want to get the best possible rate you need to sell your Samsung Galaxy some two months before the release of a new model. On the other hand if you keep postponing the sale and the new model is released, you need to be prepared for much less money than what you would get prior to the release.


Investigate the market

Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to sell and iPhone. Simply Google “Sell my Samsung Galaxy” or “sell my Samsung Galaxy for cash” and you will come across plenty of websites that buy smartphones as well as tablets and other tech. But, just because there are so many options doesn’t mean much because most of those companies want to grab your Samsung Galaxy for just a fraction of its true value.

Because of that it’s essential to do your homework and find out who is offering how much and by which terms. Plus, you can check out the classifieds as well as major retailers and see the rates there. That too should give you a clue or two about the situation on the used mobile phones market. You can even do an offline research by checking the classifieds in local magazines and newspapers. 


Understand the demand

The demand for Samsung Galaxy smartphones is a pretty predictable. For an example the biggest demand is for the latest model. That is until a newer model is released and that one is obsolete. Than as the demand slows downs so it will its price, simple as that. The thing is that everyone loves the new fancy models with all its new improvements and features. There will be those that will still like its predecessor, but not so many people will be wishing the model before it.



-          Personal Data & Factory Reset

If you don’t want to share your personal data with a complete stranger that is a must do step. You do that by doing a factory reset of the phone. This is how you do that. Go to Menu/ Settings/ Backup and Reset/ Factory Reset. Once you press Factory Reset the process will take couple of minutes after which the android will be restored to its original state. There won’t be any content made by you, or applications that you downloaded or used. Basically, no trace that you ever used the phone.

-          Inspect your phone

This is probably one of the most important steps you need to make before trying to sell your Samsung Galaxy. Under a good light, not day light, you need to closely inspect every inch of it. If needed make a list of its flaws or damages, that is if needed.

Both people and companies will want to know its condition before they buy it. Failing to do that not only will be cause for discontentment but will make both people and companies to back away from any pre-agreed arrangement. That is a major deal beaker that you need to try and avoid at any cost. The positive side of this is that you don’t need too much time to make a thorough inspection. Usually that’s less than ten minutes. However, if miss something small and hardly noticeable it’s not likely that the other person or the company will break the deal because of it. Just don’t miss out on the big staff such as not responsive button, the battery doesn’t charge well or there is a crack on the screen. 

-          Physical Cleaning

If you want your Samsung Galaxy to truly shine you need to physically clean it. For that purpose you need a microfiber towel and commercial cleaning spray. Apply some spray on the towel and gently wipe the surface of the phone. Once you are done you need to leave it to dry. After ten or fifteen minutes it should be completely dry. Make another inspection and see if you have missed a spot or two. By this point the phone should shine as new.


-          Make High Resolution Photos of Your Samsung Galaxy

Making high quality and accurate photos of your Samsung Galaxy is one of those little things that you don’t need to forget. The unwritten rule is that good look sells. What that means for you is the better your phone looks on those pictures the higher your asking price can be.

If you own white titanium grey Samsung Galaxy, place it on dark coloured or black surface to make it stands out and truly shine. On the other hand, if you own red aurora or black mist coloured phone, you can use pastel or white background to give some contrast to the pictures. Also, it will be largely appreciate if you highlight any crack, missing button or some other damage that may be visible. Each phot should be crisp clear and in high resolution.

If you want to go one step further you can even record a short presentation video on which you will talk about your Samsung Galaxy, its overall condition and what the new owner can expect. Again, you need to make high resolution video on which you will describe in detail everything that needs to be told. Just make it short and sweet, there is no need for making a feature movie of it. In a minute or two you can say and record everything that needs to be said about it. Afterwards you can upload it to some of the popular Tube services such as YouTube and Vimeo where everyone can see it and make an offer.  



There is more than one way to evaluate your Samsung Galaxy and on that to form your asking price. Also, there are factors that need to be taken in consideration when evaluating your Samsung’s Galaxy. The most important ones are:

-          The model and the year are the first thing that people want to see and that need to be clearly noted when selling used Samsung Galaxy.

-          The condition of its battery is also a regular question when it comes to selling use phones. You need to be honest and tell about the condition of the battery and what the potential buyer can expect.

-          The condition of its screen is the first thing that people see and for most of them the most important one. Nothing can drop a price as a scratched phone. Therefore, don’t forget to explain in detail the condition of the screen. 

-          The condition of its buttons is regularly checked and something that needs your attention. An unresponsive button can be a major drawback from a deal and can significantly influence your asking price. What you need to do is to fix it if possible or clearly note its condition when explaining the overall condition of your Samsung Galaxy phone.

-          Does it come with its genuine accessories is also another factor that plays a vital role in the perception of the buyers. Because of that you need to find each of its genuine accessories, including its original box, and make it part of the deal.

-          Visible scratches on its body. If you didn’t use protective case than there is a pretty chance that there might be scratched. If that is the case do tell that to the potential buyer.

-          Is it unlocked or not. Locked phone limits you to only a certain group of potential buyers. If you want to remove that limit you need to unlock the phone. If you are familiar with mobile software and if you know how to follow instructions you can do it yourself. There are plenty of online tutorials and manuals that you can find online that can help you with this task. On the other hand, if you are not much into that you can always hire someone to that instead of you.



Thanks to the internet nowadays is pretty easy to check used Samsung Galaxy value. Not only that is pretty easy, but it won’t take much of your time. Here is how one can check that.

-          Classifieds such as craigslist are one way to do so. There you can find plenty of used Samsung Galaxy smartphones and check for how much they go.

-          EBay and Amazon can be used for that purpose as well.

-          Social Networks can be also pretty helpful for that cause. If you have plenty of online friends or followers simply write a post or tweet. There must be someone that can help you with that and have some experience with used Samsung Galaxy.

-          Visit one or more mobile phone shops and see first-hand for how much they sell used Samsung Galaxy phones. 

-          Recycle companies can also give you a pretty fair quote on your used smartphone. For some time their popularity is on the rise and more and more people are turning to them when they need to sell some used gadget such as phone, tablet, etc. Most of the recycle companies have websites that can be used to check the value of any phone.



When it comes to selling used Samsung Galaxy smartphones there are so many things that can break a deal. The number one deal breaker is lying about the condition of your gadget so you can charge more for it. Many people think that can get away with that and usually end up with almost nothing. Whether you intend to sell to a company or a person you need to know that honesty is the best policy.

If you intend to sell your Samsung Galaxy to a recycle company know that they have trained technicians that will make a thorough inspection to check if the phone is in the same condition as you described it. There is almost a zero chance to miss something on it. In case they find that the phone is not in the condition as described by you they will mail it back to you. That way not only that you won’t get any money, but you will need to cover the return shipment cost. Or they will give you a modified, much lower offer than their original one. In any case, you will be the one on the losing side. 

The lesson here is quite simple; make a detail inspection of your phone before you sell it. And once you are done make sure you write down everything you see and you are aware of. The more detail you description is the better and more will be appreciated by the buyer, whoever that might be.



  Samsunng Galaxy Front Back View

Selling a Samsung Galaxy smartphone has never been a problem as they are one of the most popular android phones. However, selling them for the best possible price is another matter and something that needs certain consideration. Here is where you can sell your Samsung Galaxy for the best possible rate.



Carriers are one of the many options for ditching trading your old iPhone and getting its newest flagship. Almost all of the major carriers have presented their own trade in programs to purchase your old smartphone or exchange it for a new on. At the same time they will try to tie you with a new contract to keep using their services.

All you need to do is to simply walk in some of their many stores and ask for an estimate for your old iPhone. On the other hand don’t expect to great an awesome deal, because carriers rarely do that.

that their rates can vary and can be higher.



Amazon too wanted to make some money from used technology and decided to introduce their trade in program. Their program covers all sorts of electronic devices, not just iPhones. First you need to visit their trade-in homepage where they will explain the process in details. Afterwards, you will be asked to select the item that you like to trade in. Once you hit that you will be prompt to a page containing all the specifics of that product.

On the right corner of that page you will notice a box that says “Sell us your item”. There you will see a price and a button saying “Trade-In”. After you click it you will be asked to sign in using your Amazon account. In case you don’t have, you need to create one.

Once you are done signing up you will come to a section that looks like a shopping cart. But, that’s not a shopping cart that is saying that you need to pay for something, but a shopping cart saying that Amazon is going to pay you certain amount for your iPad or whatever device you might be selling to them. There you will be asked about the condition of your device. If you simply hover over each condition Amazon will explain in details what they mean by that.

The best thing about this program is that it’s so to speak “fool-proof” and pretty straightforward. The downside to this program is that they have pretty strict criterions and their technicians take in account even the slightest details when are evaluating the condition of the devices sent to them and often change offers to less money.


CLASSIFIEDS (i.e. Craigslist)

Classifieds such as Craigslist are another way to sell your iPhone and will give you a full control over your iPhone’s selling price. However, the prices there tend to fluctuate depending on availability and timing. Also, you will need to deal with a bunch of scammers, spammers, and trolls that all over those places. The positive side is that there are still plenty of people that are willing to pay few more pounds to avoid any hassle of waiting and shipping. 



This program is run by Dataserv, a company that handles Apple’s recycle and reuse program. First you need to fill out a form through their website. Next they will give you an offer. If you like their offer you can send them your gadget. Once they receive the gadget some of their technicians will inspect it to check its condition. If all is as described by you they will pay the amount to which they have agreed. Overall, it is a good program, average rates and bit lengthy procedure.



AlphaRecycle is UK’s best known mobile and gadgets Recycle Company. Even though they are relatively new, started to work in 2012, is one of the fastest growing recycle companies in the country. From what can be seen it seems that UK citizens trust AlphaRecycle and keep on sending their iPhones and other gadgets to them.

One of the main reasons why AlphaRecycle is so popular is because it repairs or buys gadgets regardless of their condition. Even if your iPhone is completely unresponsive they won’t turn you back. Also, it seems that they pay well, especially for used iPhones.

On top of all their process is a no brainer. Once you fill a short web application they will give you an offer. Many times the entire process, from filling the online form to the part where you receive money on your bank account, takes just 24 hours. By any standards, that’s efficiency.

All in all, AlphaRecycle is one of the best recycle companies in UK. It pays top price for iPhones and are very efficient, meaning no hassle, no waiting and of course top money.