Best Price Guaranteed for sale of your phone or tablet


How can I know the price of my used mobile phone?

You can either go to the search bar on the top of our website or type the model of your phone to know the worth. Else you can click Sell My Mobile and check out the price.

How does selling a mobile work?

If you have a new or used mobile phone and you want to sell it. You do not have to worry about it anymore. Just visit our how it works page. This page will help you how you can safely sell and recycle your mobile phone / gadgets.

How much money will I get by selling my old mobile phone?

We buy your used, old and broken phone in order to recycle it and we pay you its market value at present date. We are committed to pay you the most appropriate price as compared to the market prices of handsets.

How many mobile phones can I sell you?

There is no limit to the number of phones or handsets you can sell to us. Send us as many mobile phones as you want and we will accept them all.

What should I know about IMEI number?

IMEI is a technical term but it can be simplified by dialing *#06# on your handset and it will exhibit your IMEI number. It is authentically an abbreviation of International Mobile Equipment Identity. It consists of a fifteen digit number and every handset has its own unique IMEI number. In case you might get more than fifteen digit number after the above command, you just have to consider the first fifteen digits as your IMEI. FOR Example, if your handset shows an IMEI of: 131455-00-242583-6-07 You just have to consider 13145500242583 only.

What If someone sends you a stolen phone?

Stolen phones always encounter a big NO. Phones obtained by our customers through illegal ways are not accepted by us. There are a lot of ways for us to check if the phone is stolen. These ways include crime base protection database and

Can I Sell you my broken/damaged handset?

Our major task is to recycle old phones therefore we do accept those handsets that are damaged and faulty.

How do I ascertain what is the model of my handset?

We have listed a wide variety of handsets and all of them are displayed on our website. You can match the model of your handset with the ones shown on our website. Just match the physical attributes.

I own a fake/local handset. Will you accept it?

A lot of customers these days come up with handsets that are not genuine. These handsets are made locally and have no value to us. Thus, we accept only acclaimed mobile phone brands Like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Htc, Sony etc.