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What to do if I cannot log into my account on your website?

In case you are having problems in getting logged into your account on our website, your browser might affect the way our system works or operates. When you face such issues, just check if your web browser settings are okay and are in alignment with our system.

What is the problem if I have issues in placing my order?

In some situations, you might have issues while placing your order. This might occur when the "cookies" in your browsers are disabled. Our website needs cookies to be enabled to work properly. You will get a notification of "there are no handsets in your order". When you get a notification like this just immediately enable the cookies on your browser.

What do you mean by cookies?

Network developers to strengthen the users use their websites efficiently besides play unquestionable gatherings share them. Disabling cookies might block users from sharing conclusive websites. By enabling the cookies you can open our website easily and place your order.

Are cookies fatal for my browser?

Cookies are harmless to your browser or computer. The website stores just a tiny amount of data on your browser so that it can be read next time you visit the same website

Website of Sell Smart For Cash does not store any cookies that may cause serious issues for you in future.

I enabled Cookies on my browser, but still cannot place the order

There are some cases where the security software that you use blocks the cookies. You cannot place your order when this happens. Such security software includes McAfee Personal Firewall. You will have to unblock the cookies from these security software applications or contact our support team they will be able to place order for you.

I still have issues in placing my order despite of the fact that I have worked on all the suggestions. What do I do now?

We want your satisfaction. You can share your problems with us. You can call us and we will accept your orders via call. We will serve you Monday to Friday from 9am to 5 pm. In such way, we will place your order online.